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About Digital Cow Software

Digital Cow Software was formed in 2002 as an outlet through which to produce useful, inexpensive software for the Mac OS X community. Initially targeting existing applications for Mac OS 9 that would not be ported and Mac OS X applications deemed inadequate, DCS quickly established a name for itself with the July 2002 release of Weblock.

Digital Cow Software took a hiatus from active development in 2003 and 2004 to explore personal interests, but returned in October with the first in a line of education-oriented products: Quizmailer. Contracted by the Stonehill College Biology Department, Quizmailer represented a departure from DCS's previous revisionary ventures as an all-new concept, designed to conform to an externally-derived specification. Rapidly following behind Quizmailer was another educational product, CHEESE. Despite the appetite-inspiring acronym for its name, CHEESE is a serious attempt at producing an easy to use circular histogram creator.

As of this writing, over 20,000 copies of Digital Cow Software programs have been downloaded.