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Software development is a time-consuming task. While I personally have the benefit of typically working with Apple's Cocoa development environment, which greatly increases my productivity compared to many other environments, the time I've spent working on these applications has been significant. That said, I think you'll find that I've selected very reasonable pricing schemes for the various applications I have available.

So please, if you plan to use one of my products, take a minute to read the licensing notes. All prices listed are in US dollars. And if you find that your budget can't accomodate the meager fees listed here, talk to me. I'm sure we can work something out.

Each product page has a link to submit the recommended or required amount via PayPal, which is currently the only way that I am accepting electronic payments. Of course, if you prefer, I do accept checks at the address below.

Mark Tyrrell
18 Beech St

Mansfield, MA 02048

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Digital Cow Software is also available for custom contract work! Negotiable rates and licensing terms! If you like DCS software, have some written custom for you. DCS powers BaDonGo.com's Mac OS X file joining solution with a custom version of AJoiner built for their service and their customers! Can DCS help you? consulting@digicowsoftware.com

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